How do I register my child for camp?

We use an online registration system, for instructions on this process click here.  If you would rather register with a paper form, please contact our office at 204-325-9519 or info@winklerbiblecamp.cm.

I rolled over my payment from 2020. How do I use it?

Log in to our registration portal here and begin the registration process as you normally would. When you get to step 4 (Choose a payment method), you will see in your cart that your credit shows up against the balance owing. You are required to pay a $25 deposit per camper fee that you register for. If your credit is enough to cover this cost, you will choose the option ‘Cheque/Cash- Pay deposit’ and you will not be required to make a payment at this time. If your credit is not enough to cover this cost, you can choose to pay the remainder of the deposit by Cheque/Cash, Credit Card or apply for alternative funding. If you have any balance owing (if your registration costs are more than you rolled over) you will be able to log back in between June 1 and 15 to pay the remaining balance. 

***If you are wanting to use your credit to register for LDP, please call the office so that we can make this adjustment for you. 

Why are you only offering day camps?

We are using the government restrictions from last summer as the base for our 2021 plans. Those restrictions required us to offer only day camps in cohorts of 50 campers. They have not released new guidelines yet, but we will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as new information becomes available.

Why are you not running camps at Teepee Village?

In the case of inclement weather we do not have enough sheltered spaces that allow for physical distancing.

Will my child need to wear a mask?

Campers who are in Junior, Intermediate or LPD camp sessions will be required to wear masks while in indoor spaces, unless they are seated and physically distanced. Little Buddies and Kinder Kids will not be required to wear masks. Please send 2 masks per day with your child.

Why are you not running speciality camps like "GIRLS" and "BOYS" weeks?

To allow for physical distancing measures, we have opened only half the regular number of camper spots. In doing this, we had to prioritize the general camp experience which has a broader appeal.

If allowed, will you run overnight camps?

We will consider this option if it becomes available. However, we recognize that some of our campers may have signed up specifically desiring a day camp and may not want an overnight experience, so we will work to provide options that meet everyone’s needs.

What will be different this year from regular summer camp?

We do not know all the specific requirements to run summer camp at this time, however we are committed to the safety of our campers and summer ministry team members and will continue to follow all health and safety guidelines. We continue to plan potential changes to our games, activities, meal procedures, and drop-off/pick-up system, and will send updates as final information is made available. If you have a specific question or concern please contact our office at info@winklerbiblecamp.com or 204-325-9519.

Do you have financial assistance available for sending children to camp?

Financial assistance is available through the Sunshine Fund managed by Manitoba Camping Association at 204-784-1130 or http://www.mbcamping.ca/Some funding assistance may also be available through Winkler Bible Camp if you are not approved through the Sunshine Fund. Please contact our office if you have any further questions about this.

My child has special needs, are they able to attend camp?

Yes! We are able to host campers with physical or intellectual disabilities and provide a one-on-one leader for your child’s stay at camp. There are limited spots for this each week, please register your child as normal and fill out a one on one assistance form. Our office will then contact you about your registration.

Do you have qualified medical staff on site?

A qualified medical officer is always on site during the weekdays in July and August and we are a 5 minute drive from Boundary Trails Health Centre. The health and care of your child are very important to us while they are here. If your child has any medical information please make the camp aware of this through the registration portal or by calling the office. 

Can my child request to be with a friend?

You may make up to two cabinmate requests. Please note that each cabinmate requested must be within two grade years of the camper being registered, be registering for the same camp session, and both campers must request each other. While every effort is made to honour cabinmate requests, it is not a guarantee. A maximum of three friends will be placed in the same cabin, to ensure a healthy cabin dynamic.

How does your pick up procedure work? Who can pick up my child?

Please reschedule all appointments and prior commitments that conflict with a camper’s registered camp session. If this is not possible, please contact the camp office to reschedule your camp session. In order to keep Winkler Bible Camp a safe place for your child, campers must be signed out at the end of each day. The name of the pick-up person will be required during registration. If this changes, please notify the camp office before pick-up time.

When will my child receive their acceptance letter?

We do our best to send out an acceptance package by email or mail within 10 business days of receiving the registration. If you do not receive an acceptance package within this time, please contact the camp. If your child is on a waiting list for their preferred session, we will be in contact with you if a spot opens up. Winkler Bible Camp will not hold your child’s spot without registration and deposit, or confirmation of alternative funding.

When do I pay the outstanding balance?

Full payments will be due on the Thursday before your camp session. Balance payments can be made by logging into your account here. Please contact our office if you need to make alternate payment arrangements. We ask that our families registered for camp in August please wait to pay your balance until August. 

What are the waivers and conditions I sign off on when registering my child?

Click here to see the waivers and conditions you agree to when you register your child.

How do you care for campers who feel homesick?

Our cabin leaders are trained to deal with homesick campers, and are usually able to help them through it by distracting them with the many fun activities at camp. If this does not work, the child may be allowed to call home in an attempt for the parent to encourage the child to stay. If your child is struggling we may call you to see what you recommend, because sometimes having a camper call home makes it harder for them to stay. If this does not help and the parent and camper agree that the camper should go home, we would help line that up. In this case the camper will not be able to return to camp that week, nor will any refund be given.

How can I see what my child is doing while at camp?

During your child’s stay, we have a team dedicated to capturing the fun through photos and video. These can be seen on our social media platforms.

Can I communicate with my child while they’re at camp?

To provide the best experience and help prevent homesickness, we discourage direct contact with your child during their week of camp. If you have any concerns or a time-sensitive message for them, please contact the camp office at 204-325-9519 or info@winklerbiblecamp.com.

What should I pack for my child?

Click here for a printable list of what to bring and what not to bring for your child’s time at camp.

Where is Winkler Bible Camp?

We are located 90 minutes South-West of Winnipeg, and just 10 minutes outside of the city of Winkler. Search for “Winkler Bible Camp” in Google Maps or click here for the Google Maps location. 

Are pets allowed on site?

For the health and safety of our petting zoo, as well as your animals, there are no pets allowed on site at any time.