Our Mission

Why do we exist?

Winkler Bible Camp exists to extend the kingdom of God, focused on children and youth.

How do we behave?

We behave as disciples of Christ that are committed to being good stewards, working hard, and making responsible decisions in a way that earns and keeps trust.

What do we do?

We are a biblically based children’s ministry that also serves the surrounding communities year-round, through unique camp experiences.

Family Day

Join us for an afternoon of free activities, and stay for a free barbecue supper! If you’ve never been to the camp before, this is a great opportunity to check it out and see what it’s like! Activities (Open from 2-5pm) Horses Climbing Wall Swimming Ropes Course Archery Biking Canoeing Mini-golf

55+ Retreat

Born and raised in Southern Manitoba, Mike calls Altona home for now.  As he gets older, the thought of Jesus alone becomes ever more important.  Graduate of Providence College, church planter, pastor, book project manager, and Hospital Chaplain are some of his work.  But his calling is to be a Jesus follower in it all.  […]

Women’s Night Out

Join us for a great evening, with guest speaker Maggie Wiebe. Maggie comes to us with a story unlike anything you’ve heard. She shares her story of God’s intervention in her life and of finding virtue through a relationship with God when the world is telling you to seek after vanity. Treat your daughters, sisters, […]

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