Situated on 70 acres of Burwalde Woods, 10 minutes NW of Winkler, Winkler Bible Camp has facilities to accommodate both small and large groups. Winkler Bible Camp is a year-round facility that offers a variety of buildings and programs to suit the needs of many schools, church/youth groups, and businesses/organizations.

Schools: Most of the schools that come to our camp are looking for an outdoor education experience. For more information on that specific program, please click here. Some school groups are looking to do some leadership training, a choral or band retreat, or any other function in which the school provides the programming. If this is the case for your school, read on for details.

Church/Youth Groups: The staff at Winkler Bible Camp are dedicated Christian men and women who have a passion to be an extension and assistance to the local church and Christian ministries. As such, we love to host and accommodate church and youth groups. We can help you plan a great retreat as we have a wide variety of overnight and meeting accommodations and activity options to choose from.

Businesses/Organizations: Winkler Bible Camp offers many opportunities for company meetings, banquets, picnics, leadership training, etc. We offer a variety of activity options to keep your group as busy or as relaxed as you like. Check out the facilities below and come to enjoy some quality time “away from the office”. Contact us to book your next company function.


Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is our largest rental space with beautiful vaulted ceilings, ambient lighting, and a great view looking out towards our lake. This facility can host 400 guests in a banquet-style layout.


The Chapel serves as a more theatrical space with its theatre-style stage and theatre-style and lighting system. The building can host 250 guests in a banquet-style layout.


This building has a 2000 square foot meeting space and includes a fireplace, kitchen, seating area, table tennis, and foosball. It is a great cozy space for smaller meetings or day-long planning sessions in a relaxing and comfortable setting. It has a variety of rooms that can sleep from 4 up to 12 people per room in bunk beds and up to 62 people in total. The building has washrooms with showers on two separate floors.

Guest Suites

The Guest Suite building has 8 suites with 6 beds per suite. Each room is equipped with bunk beds and shared bathroom/shower facilities with the neighboring suite. In total, this building can accommodate up to 48 people and is located beside the Shalom Centre. This building is great for family units or large groups that may need additional space to accommodate a large split of male/female overnight accommodations.


In Spring and Fall, groups can be accommodated in cabins that hold up to 12 people each. Cabins are equipped with bunk beds and mattresses and can accommodate up to 190 people in total. There are separate boys and girls washroom/shower facilities located in the respective boys and girls cabin areas. Our cabins are not open from November – April.

Barn Loft

This 2176 square foot building can accommodate up to 120 people. It is a great place for a wedding and looks exceptional when decorated. In the back corner is a seasonal kitchenette which includes a fridge freezer and sink. *The Barn Loft is not available in the Winter season.

RV Sites

In spring and fall, groups can also take advantage of our 24 RV sites with full-service hookups.