All rentals take place on our Crossview site where we have tons of activities to choose from. Activities depend on the time of year, but most activities that we offer during summer camp and in our Outdoor Education program are also available to groups that come for a weekend or during the week.

Here is a list of the activities we offer:

  • Archery

    Learn the basics of archery and test your skills on our archery range with compound bows that we can adjust for any age. Play Video

  • Bikes

    Challenge yourself to two of the different levels of obstacle courses including ramps, a table top, teeter totter, and a scenic ride through the woods on our bike trail. Play Video

  • Canoes

    Attain some practical canoeing knowledge and take a trip around our beautiful lake. Play Video

  • Climbing Wall

    Challenge yourself on our 43´ outdoor and indoor climbing wall. Play Video

  • Fire Building & Bannock making

    Hands on learning will allow students to learn how to build a successful fire using products of nature. Students will try their hands at cooking bannock over the fire.

  • Group Games

    We’ll keep you running with games like Steal the Bacon on the beach or some more classic games like Prisoner’s Base, Mission Impossible, Royal Roll, etc. For the Intermediate campers some games are even played in the dark to add even more adrenaline rush to the system! Play Video

  • Horseback Riding

    One of the highlights for many campers is the opportunity to ride a horse. You’ll learn some basics of horsemanship and do some riding in our arena or down our trails.
    Play Video

  • Land Navigation

    A basic orienteering course; students learn how to find their way around unfamiliar territory using a basic map and a GPS unit.

  • Mini-golf

    Challenge your friends to a round of mini-golf on our challenging 18-hole course.

  • Outdoor Adventure Hunt

    Becoming more aware of the nature surrounding us, small groups of students race around to find a list of objects from nature.

  • Petting Zoo

    Enjoy a hands-on experience of learning and playing with our many animals! Play Video

  • Ropes/Obstacle Course

    Put yourself to the challenge of swinging over the creek on the Tarzan Rope and trying our low obstacle course including the Burma Bridge, tunnels, and slides! Then enjoy a ride on our 350' Zipline that carries you right over the creek! Play Video

  • Shelter Building

    From shelter building to basic survival skills students will learn some tips on how to survive in the wild.

  • Swimming

    Play on the sandy beach, go for a refreshing swim, race down our double slides or play on the water trampoline with an attached catapult and moon walk! We also offer beach volleyball. Play Video

  • Team Development Activities

    Teams of students work together to accomplish goals and establish teamwork. Activities include the human knot, trust fall, etc.

  • Quinzee Building (Winter only)

    Learn basic techniques and design of quinzee or igloo building. An opportunity to construct your own winter getaway!

  • Ice Skating (Winter only)

    Enjoy some fun group games on our outdoor ice rink, a challenging game of broom ball/hockey or just a relaxing skate. We have a heated shack where you can comfortably get your gear on!

  • Cross country skiing (Winter only)

    Follow our guide through our groomed trails while you learn the basics of cross country skiing.