Old Testament Course | SBC Course


LOCATION: Winkler Bible Camp
DATE & TIME: October 1, 7-9pm & October 2, 9am-5pm
COST: $25/person
Price included snacks and a full meal during the Saturday portion.
All payments will be made in person upon arrival on the first night (Cash or Credit). No early online payments will be taken.


People often describe God in the Old Testament by recalling stories of his justice & wrath. They contrast this to the New Testament where Jesus demonstrates the love & grace of God. A deeper study of the Old Testament stories reveals a picture of the faithfulness of God toward a people who repeatedly rebelled against Him. By failing to recall the faithfulness of God in their past, they sought answers from neighboring nations and worshipped their gods. Yet God doesn’t give up on them. He is very gracious!

A weekend walk through the Old Testament will help you learn from Israel’s story and grow in our love and reverence for the gracious and compassionate God revealed throughout Scripture. Perhaps the Old Testament stories will motivate us to recall God’s faithfulness in our own past and bring us peace & purpose as we move into an uncertain future.