Teepee Village

Located in the bush about 1km from Crossview, Teepee Village is a place to slow down and enjoy the outdoors. With only 32 available spots per week, campers are given plenty of free time to connect and build friendships in a smaller setting. Here, children have the chance to cook their own meals over a fire, experience the wilderness with no electricity, and build confidence in living as a community.

You can call Winkler Bible Camp at 204-325-9519 if you would like your child to be put on a cancellation list for a full camp. We do our best to keep this as accurate as possible, but cannot guarantee that there is room in the camps not marked FULL.

Junior Grades 3-7 in Fall 2018

4 and 5-day camps at Teepee Village give campers the chance to experience chapel, activities, bush games and more! This camp provides a great place to connect as children enjoy a woodland setting free from outside distractions.

4-day: $235

2018 Boys Girls
 July 3-6  FULL
August 7-10  FULL

5-day: $275

2018 Boys Girls
 July 9-13  FULL  FULL
August 13-17  FULL  FULL

Intermediate: $325 Grades 7-9 in Fall 2018

Intermediate camp at Teepee Village is chock-full of exciting outdoor skills and activities, including paintball. Campers will enjoy firesides, a relaxed schedule, and free time as they experience a week in the great outdoors.

2018 Boys Girls
 July 16-20 FULL
July 23-27
July 30-August 3 FULL
August 20-24

Teepee Village Activities

This list does not include the Crossview activities Teepee Village campers take part in.

  • Archery

    Use both recurve and compound bows as you learn the basics of archery on our shooting range. Play Video

  • Bible Break

    Each morning during bible break you will get to dive into the Bible and learn about the themes of the week with your counselor and cabin mates. Play Video

  • Bush games

    A variety of hiding, running, and chasing games are played most evenings in the woods around Teepee Village. Play Video

  • Chapel

    Morning and evening chapels include worship, skits, and teaching, and take place in the beautiful outdoors, surrounded by trees. Play Video

  • Crafts

    Learn a new braid or knot technique, make a friendship bracelet and explore your creative side with other new craft ideas!

  • Fire Building

    Forage in the woods for proper fire building materials, build your teepee, lean-to, or log cabin style fire and light the match!

  • Gaga

    Combine your skills of dodging, striking, and jumping while trying to hit opponents with a ball below the waist. See if you can be the last person standing!

  • Kayaking

    Take your kayak out on the creek for a leisurely paddle, right from the centre of Teepee Village. Play Video

  • Outdoor Cooking/Fireside

    Campers take part in cooking some of their meals over an open fire such as bannock and grilled cheese! Play Video

  • Paintball Slingshots

    Enjoy a walk through the woods, firing paintballs at posted targets with a slingshot.

  • Paintball

    Get an adrenaline rush as you play a variety of paintball games! All equipment and protective gear is provided. This activity is open only to Intermediate campers. Play Video

  • Ropes Course

    You’ll be challenged in the ropes course located right at Teepee Village. Play Video

  • Riflery

    Campers will learn the basics of gun safety as they use air rifles for target shooting. Play Video

  • Shelter Building

    Enjoy some time out in the bush while learning about different types of survival shelters with their pros and cons, and then putting your knowledge to use, you will build your own shelter.

  • Slingshots

    Enjoy a walk through the bush, firing paintballs at posted targets with a slingshot. Play Video

Some possible free time activities to do in the relaxed atmosphere at Teepee Village are: a mini low ropes course, carpet ball, slack lining, and box hockey.

Be sure to check out the Crossview activities too!