Summer Camp 2020

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that our 2020 Summer Camp program is canceled and will be offering a full refund for any fees paid.

While we are obviously very disappointed that we cannot offer a physical camp experience, it has been a really good opportunity to challenge ourselves and ask tough questions about what really matters. So much of that has boiled down to connection. We don’t want anyone to feel alone at this time, and we want to make use of any resources available to us to help accomplish this.

With that being said, we are extremely excited to present you with details about what we’re offering this summer as a way to engage, entertain, and interact with your family!

Virtual Summer Camp, or VS camp as we call it is a mix of weekly online videos, submitted content, and physical interactions! Best of all, it’s all original Winkler Bible Camp content and it’s all free!!  Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we keep releasing more information, or check out our FAQ below.

We are very excited to be able to run in-person LDP day camp sessions this summer. For more information click here or read the FAQ’s below. 

Updated on June 9th, 2020

Why did you cancel the physical camp experience?

This was a very difficult choice because we love summer camp ministry! We are currently unable to run overnight camps until at least July 1 as part of the Manitoba Government’s “Restoring Safe Services” phased plan. Based on this information, we felt we needed to make a call before that date. This decision allows us to have time to make alternative plans, allows time for our summer team workers to look for other jobs (especially those in college/university), and allows for parents to make plans for their family.

Are you running day camps?

Day camps are an option that we are exploring, but working with the restrictions of 16 campers per group with everyone being socially distanced is very different from how we normally run camp and we need to think through how it would physically work. The health and safety of every camper and staff member on site continues to be our priority so we want to make sure we can do it well before offering that option. Since it is so different from the program that was planned, we need it to run stand-alone from the previous registration to keep it fair. 

What is "Virtual Summer Camp"?

VS camp is a mix of weekly online videos and physical interactions! Best of all, it’s all original to Winkler Bible Camp and it’s all free!!

Is there a cost to VS Camp?

No, we will be offering VS Camp at no cost!!

What will VS Camp look like?

Each episode will include some of the following types of segments

        • Weekly teaching themes (ie., love, joy, peace) and memory verses.
        • “Try this at home” activities (indoor and outdoor).
        • Sing-a-long camp chapel songs.
        • Loads of other original Winkler Bible Camp content spotlighting the site and faces our returning campers are sure to recognize, and first time campers are sure to love! 
        • Weekly opportunities for your child to submit photos, videos and ideas which we’ll interact with each week. Maybe your child’s homemade archery range, beautiful coloring sheet, or chapel song actions tutorial could be highlighted to inspire others!

Is there anything you're offering other than videos this summer?

Yes, more than just a weekly video, there’s an opportunity for physical interactions too. This could include:

        • Mail – we’ll send out a package with activities and more information at the start of the summer and potentially a second update in August!
        • “Drive-way visits” – sign up for a camp leader to stop by your house to say hi to your child and drop off some camp activity material.
        • “Ask a camp leader” penpal system – Your child can mail or email us questions and our team will reply all summer!

How do I access the "VS Camp"?

The weekly videos will be available on our website and will be promoted across our social media platforms. The physical interaction pieces will be discussed in the videos, parent newsletters, and available on our website.

Do you have any parent resources available?

Yes, we’ll be sending a weekly parent newsletter to explain that week’s activities, suggest additional resources and provide a devotional content for your children.

What if the restrictions change?

We are open to making changes to our plans as the restrictions continue to change and if we are able to keep our campers and staff safe. We are committed to doing anything we can this summer to connect with you and your family.

Can I volunteer to work at camp this summer?

Yes, we will be making a way for hired summer team members to volunteer for a week at a time to help with site work and spend time at the place they love.  We will send out more information on this in the coming weeks. 

Are you still running LDP?

Yes, we are running our Leadership Development Program as a 8-day day camp (days run 9:00am – 8:00pm). 

What will be different because it’s a day camp?

We will be following all COVID-19 precautions including physical distancing and additional cleaning procedures. This year’s participants will not participate in any in-cabin training, nor will they oversee a children’s day camp as they have in the past.

What are you still able to do with the current precautions?

The schedule will consist of teaching sessions, teamwork training, meals, recreation time, bible studies, regular camp activities, visiting Teepee Village and more!

Where can I get more information and register?

You can find the full information here and can register here.

Will I get a refund?

Yes, we are offering full refunds for all fees paid to date.

How do I request my refund?

We have sent out a message to everyone who has paid a Summer Camp fee this year. If you have not received it please contact our office at

When will I get a refund?

We are working hard to process thousands of transactions and will be contacting you to get more information regarding your refund. Please be patient, we will get to you.

Can I donate my camp fee for a tax receipt?

Yes, you will have this option when we contact you about your Summer Camp fees.

Can I roll-over my fee for Summer 2021?

Yes, you will have this option when we contact you acbout Summer Camp frees.


How is the camp doing financially?

Due to COVID-19 and the associated restrictions, we have lost three and half months of rental income and are now losing two months of summer camp revenue. This represents over 50% of our budgeted revenue, so even with heavy cuts to our spending, this is a very difficult time for the camp financially.