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How to register online.

We have a new way to register your camper online that makes the process easier and quicker. Follow the link below to view instructions.

Online Registration Instructions

I sent in my child’s camp registration and payment. How soon will I know if they are accepted or not?

We do our best to send out an acceptance package by email or mail within 10 business days of receiving the registration. If you do not receive an acceptance package within this time, please contact the camp. If your child is not accepted because the camp you have chosen is full, we will call you within 1-2 business days of receiving the registration and try to arrange an alternative date that will work for you. Winkler Bible Camp will not hold your child’s spot without registration and either deposit, full payment, or confirmation of alternative funding.

I can’t afford to send my child to camp. What are my options?

Financial assistance is available through the Sunshine Fund managed by Manitoba Camping Association at 204-784-1130 or Some funding assistance may also be available through Winkler Bible Camp if you are not approved through the Sunshine Fund.

I paid only the deposit when I registered. When is the balance due and how can I pay it?

You can find the remaining balance owing when you log in to your account on our online application portal, or by contacting our office. You may use a credit card to pay your balance online or over the phone; to use cash or cheque, please stop by the office during office hours or send payment in the mail. Please ensure that the balance is paid promptly. The balance for all camp sessions in July is due on June 15th. The balance for all camp sessions in August is due on July 15th.

What should my child bring to camp?

When your child is accepted to camp you will receive an acceptance package either by email or mail. This package contains all the information you need, including a packing list.

My child has special needs. Are they able to attend camp?

There are a limited number of spots available for campers with physical or intellectual disabilities in which Winkler Bible Camp may provide a one-on-one leader for your child’s stay at camp. Please contact the camp office to inquire about registration.

During their camp session:

Contact with my camper during camp.

After the time of registration, we advise against no direct contact with your camper as this can take away from the camp experience. If there is a message that needs to be known by the camper, please contact the office directly at 204-325 9519.

Are pets allowed on site?

No, for the health and safety of our petting zoo as well as your animals, no pets are allowed on site at any time.

Health & Safety Information.

The health and care of your camper are very important to us while they are here. If your camper has any medical information please make the camp is aware of this through the camper’s registration. A medical officer is always on site during the weekdays in July and August.

Emergency storm procedures.

We are aware that summer weather can be unpredictable in southern Manitoba. It is because of this we have appropriate procedures in place and practice them when necessary. Out team monitors all weather warning and acts accordingly.

What is Winkler Bible Camp’s cabinmate policy?

You may make up to two cabinmate requests. Please note that each cabinmate requested must be within two grade years of the camper being registered, and by registering for the same camp session. While every effort is made to honour cabinmate requests, it is not a guarantee. A maximum of three friends will be placed in the same cabin, to ensure a healthy cabin dynamic.

What is Winkler Bible Camp’s policy for homesick campers?

Our cabin leaders are trained to deal with homesick campers, and are usually able to distract them from being homesick. If this does not work, the child may be allowed to call home in an attempt for the parent to encourage the child to stay. Typically the camper is not allowed to call home, but they will be allowed in situations in which the camper is very homesick. If this does not help and the parent and camper agree that the camper should go home, this will be allowed. However, the camper will not be able to return to camp that week, nor will any refund be given.

What is Winkler Bible Camp’s policy for camper pick-up?

Please reschedule all appointments and prior commitments that conflict with a camper’s registered camp session. If this is not possible, please contact the camp office to reschedule your camp session. Campers will not be allowed to return to camp if they are picked up early. In order to keep Winkler Bible Camp a safe place for your child, campers must be signed out at the end of their stay. The name of the pick-up person will be required during registration. If this changes during the week, please notify the camp office before pick-up time.

After their camp session:


We have another website designed for kids to learn through Winkler Bible Camp-created content. This website is designed specifically to give kids a place to come after summer camp to keep growing their heart for God and His word. Kisphere is not a social media outlet but a place to ask intentional questions and to have fun!

Check out now!

Pictures and videos.

During your campers stay, we have a team dedicated to capturing the smiles of children through photos and video. These can be seen on social media platforms and on



Daily Camper Schedule


Breakfast is at 9:00 AM at the Dining Hall.

Bible Break

Campers go back to their Cabins to have Bible Break.

1st Activity

The 1st activity is at 10:30 AM.


Lunch is at 12:00 PM at the Dining Hall.

Mid-Day Chapel

Mid-Day Chapel is at 1:00 PM at the Chapel. Here, campers sing songs and listen to a short devo.

2nd Activity

The 2nd activity is at 1:30 PM.


It’s time to grab a snack! Canteen is at 3:00 PM.

3rd Activity

The 3rd activity is at 4:00 PM.


Supper is at 5:30 PM at the Dining Hall.

4th Activity

The 4th activity is at 6:30 PM.

Evening Chapel

Evening Chapel is at 8:00 PM. Here, campers sing songs and watch a short skit.


It’s time for another snack! Snack is at 8:30 PM.

Cabin Devos

Settle into the Cabins for Cabin Devos. Thes begin at 9:15 PM.

Bed Time

Time for lights out! Bedtime is 10:00 PM.