Activities include all necessary safety equipment. Please note that all Outdoor Education led activities are 60 minutes in length and are designed for groups of 20-25 students.

*During COVID-19, please contact the camp directly if you have questions regarding rates or group sizes.


    Take a cruise with some of your friends on our 200ft low zipline!

  • NEW: Junkyard (Obstacle Course)

    Take some risks on our low ropes obstacle course with rope bridges, tunnels, and other physical challenges, and enjoy swinging over the creek on our Tarzan Rope.

  • Land Navigation

    Learn how to find your way if you’re ever lost and without a GPS. You will use compasses, the sun, land features and a map to find waypoints and locate items hidden around the camp.

  • Canoes

    Learn the basic canoeing techniques such as steering and turning before going out and testing your new skills on our man-made lake.

  • Zoo

    Enjoy learning about animals and interacting with kittens, llamas, pigs, rabbits, alpacas, donkeys, sheep, ducks, and whatever else makes its’ home at our camp!

  • Slingshot (Giant Swing)

    Get hoisted up to 60 feet in the air, then pull the release cord for a very large swing experience!

  • Beach

    At our man-made lake, there’s something for everyone to do. You may find yourself building a sand castle, playing some beach volleyball, racing down a slide, getting launched off the catapult, or going for a swim!

  • Team Development Activities

    Your group will work together to accomplish goals, solve problems, and evaluate what team skills they are developing. Activities include the Human Knot, Off Your Rocker, Helium Stick, and many more.


    Follow our guide through our groomed trails while you learn the basics of snowshoeing.

  • Quinzee Building (Winter only)

    Learn basic techniques and design of quinzee or igloo building. An opportunity to construct your own winter getaway!

  • NEW: Chimney (Climbing Wall)

    With multiple indoor and outdoor routes ranging from extremely easy to impossible, there will be something to challenge you on our 43 foot climbing wall!

  • Archery

    Learn the basics of how to shoot a bow and arrow, and test your skills on our archery range with compound bows that we can adjust for any age.

  • Mini Golf

    Test your putting skills on our 18-hole mini golf course! Each hole has a new challenge.

  • Outdoor Adventure Hunt

    You will be given a list of objects to find around camp; small groups will then set out in a race to see who can complete it first.

  • Fire Building & Bannock Making

    We’ll start off by learning about what you need to build your own fire, different kinds of fires (such as teepee, lean-to, or log cabin) and the benefits of each style. Then once your own fire is roaring, you will mix bannock and bake this delicious treat over the fire.

  • Group Games

    We’ll keep you running around the field, beach or the entire camp with games like Steal the Bacon, Capture the Flag, and Impossible Molecule.

  • Horses

    One of the highlights for many campers is the opportunity to ride a horse. You’ll learn some basics of horsemanship and do some riding in our arena or down our trails.

  • Human Foosball

    In teams of five, try a soccer-like game while being harnessed to the ceiling and having a limited range of movement.

  • Ice Skating (Winter only)

    Enjoy some fun group games on our outdoor ice rink, a challenging game of broom ball/hockey or just a relaxing skate. We have a heated shack where you can comfortably get your gear on!