Winkler Bible Camp

Moving Forward

With our Capital Campaign in 2010, we were able to build our Dining Hall to further God’s ministry thanks to generous donors like yourself.

Our story

In 2010 we began a $1.8 million dollar campaign called Building for Our Children, Building for Eternity.

Our objective was to move Winkler Bible Camp into a place of future strength and prepare for many more decades of ministry. This included structural upgrades and a renovation to the original dining hall. As we proceeded it was determined that adding to our aging structure would not be cost effective. After researching our options we launched a new dining hall project, adding an additional $1.9 million to the campaign.

Due to the necessity of moving out of the old dining hall for health & safety reasons, the board decided to take on a debt load to complete the new building.

Through donated labour and supplies we averaged $119 per square foot. This represented a huge discount on a building of this size and included our furnishings and appliances. 
Now the time has come to focus on paying the remaining cost of this project and move forward in financial freedom and health!

In the end, this project totalled $2.7 million. Through generous donors like yourself we have paid off $2.1 million.

Stats & Numbers

As of
Fall 2019

1 %
Of the Capital Campaign has been paid off
$ 1 K

FALL 2019

Our goal is to
be debt free by Fall 2020.

We want to have pledges and cash in hand by June 2020.

This will save us $50,000 annually in debt servicing which can be put towards the general budget and provide exciting new opportunities to our campers.

Through intentional conversations, restrained operating budgets, and the generous people of Southern Manitoba, we believe this goal is achievable! We have witnessed God’s faithfulness so often and we believe that as we continue to follow Him, He will continue to care for this ministry.

Can you help us finish paying off the final $620,000 of the Dining Hall project?

As we will be running our debt retirement project for the next 3 years, we have multiple ways for patrons to give. If there is another method you would like to give, please contact the camp directly.

One Time Gift

A one time gift can be of any amount.

Monthly Pledge

A monthly pledge is a specific amount given for 36 months.

Annual Pldege

A annual pledge is a specific amount every year for the 3 year duration.

Have questions about the project?

Feel free to call the camp at 204-325-9519 or email us at