As Winkler Bible Camp’s largest site, Crossview is home to many exciting activities and special events. From day camp to paintball camp, it offers a wide variety of camp experiences and programming. With something for everyone, Crossview can host multiple age groups simultaneously for the convenience of larger families.

You can call Winkler Bible Camp at 204-325-9519 if you would like your child to be put on a cancellation list for a full camp. We do our best to keep this as accurate as possible, but cannot guarantee that there is room in the camps not marked FULL.

Day Camp: $105 Grades K-2 in Fall 2018

Day Camp offers a great two-day camp experience. Campers will enjoy a close connection with their leaders in a smaller group setting and take part in many of the camp activities, all with the comfort of going home for night.

2018 Boy Girl
July 5 & 6  FULL
July 19 & 20  FULL  FULL
August 2 & 3 FULL  FULL
August 16 & 17  FULL  FULL

Little Buddies: $125 Grades 1-3 in Fall 2018

Little Buddies allows campers to participate in most of the camp activities and have the experience of staying at camp for one night.

2018 Boy Girl
July 9-10  FULL
July 16-17  FULL
August 7-8  FULL  FULL
August 9-10  FULL  FULL

Junior  Grades 3-7 in Fall 2018

Junior camp is focused on the whole experience, giving campers the opportunity to try a little bit of everything. It is our only camp to offer 3, 4, or 5-day sessions; there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

3-day: $195

2018 Boy Girl
July 11-13  FULL
July 18-20  FULL

4-day: $235

2018 Boy Girl
 July 3-6
August 7-10  FULL

5-DAY: $275

2018 Boy Girl
 July 23-27 FULL
July 30-August 3  FULL
August 13-17
August 20-24

Intermediate: $325 Grades 7-9 in Fall 2018

Intermediate campers experience everything camp has to offer. In addition to trying every activity, they have the chance to make friends outside of their cabin as they attend exciting evening events and games.

2018 Boy Girl
 July 9-13
July 16-20  FULL
July 30-August 3
August 20-24

Paintball (Mixed): $350 Grades 7-9 in Fall 2018

Paintball is now offered for boys and girls. Campers have the opportunity to paintball every day as well as take part in all the events Intermediate camp has to offer.

2018 Boy Girl
 July 30-August 3  FULL FULL

BOYS Paintball: $370 Grades 7-9 in Fall 2018

For boys only, this camp focuses on paintball skills, competitions, and scenario gameplay. With its own unique evening events and a day trip into the Pembina Hills, this week is one-of-a-kind.

2018 Boy Girl
 August 13-17  n/a

G.I.R.L.S.: $370 Grades 7-9 in Fall 2018

This camp is for the girls. G.I.R.L.S. camp gives campers the opportunity to explore their creative skills while participating in a variety of crafts throughout the week. Each day is complete with evening events created special just for them.

2018 Boy Girl
July 23-27  n/a


Crossview Activities

  • Archery

    Learn the basics of how to shoot a bow and arrow, and test your skills on our archery range with compound bows that we can adjust for any age. Play Video

  • Bible Break

    You and your cabin will spend time each day studying the Bible and learning what it means to live for Jesus. Play Video

  • Bikes

    Enjoy a scenic ride on our bike trail through the woods. You will also have the opportunity to challenge yourself on two different bike obstacle courses, one including ramps, a tabletop, and a teeter totter. Play Video

  • Bucket Ball

    This game is a fun combination of basketball and other sports, and is played in a mud pit so be prepared to get messy! This activity is open to intermediate campers only.

  • Cabin Free Time

    Enjoy spending time with and getting to know everyone in your cabin, while playing games, doing crafts, or just hanging out.

  • Canoes

    Learn the basic canoeing techniques such as steering and turning before going out and testing your new skills on our man-made lake. Play Video

  • Canteen

    Enjoy some refreshing snacks at the canteen every afternoon to give you a boost of energy and keep the fun coming!

  • Chapel

    Every mid-day and evening enjoy a high-energy time of worship, skits, and teaching. This is a highlight of the week for many campers! Play Video

  • Climbing Wall

    With multiple indoor and outdoor routes ranging from extremely easy to impossible, there will be something to challenge you on our 43 foot climbing wall! Play Video

  • Fireside

    Sing some great camp songs, and share some highlights of your week!

  • Group Games

    Get ready for some classic running and chasing field games like Steal the Bacon, often involving water! For intermediate campers some games are played at dusk to increase the intensity and fun levels. Play Video

  • Giant Swing
    *New for 2017!

    Get hoisted up to 60 feet in the air, then pull the release cord for a very large swing experience!

  • Horses

    Learn the beginner basics of horsemanship and enjoy a ride around the arena.
    *Disclaimer: Due to Managerial changes at the camp, our horses activity may not be fully available but children will still get a chance to ride in some way.* Play Video

  • Human Foosball

    In teams of five, try a soccer-like game while being harnessed to the ceiling and having a limited range of movement.

  • Mini-golf

    Test your putting skills on our 18-hole mini golf course! Each hole has a new challenge.

  • Paintball

    Get an adrenaline rush as you play a variety of paintball games! All equipment and protective gear is provided. This activity is open only to Intermediate campers. Play Video

  • Petting Zoo

    Enjoy learning about animals and interacting with kittens, llamas, pigs, rabbits, alpacas, donkeys, sheep, ducks, and whatever else makes its’ home at our camp! Play Video

  • Ropes

    Take some risks on our low ropes obstacle course with rope bridges, tunnels, and other physical challenges, and enjoy swinging over the creek on our Tarzan Rope. Play Video

  • Slip n’ Slide

    Enjoy a great time with your friends going up and down the slip n’ slide on our lakeside hill.Play Video

  • Swimming

    At our man-made lake, there’s something for everyone to do. You may find yourself building a sand castle, playing some beach volleyball, racing down a slide, getting launched off the catapult, or going for a swim! Play Video