Dale Wiebe – Executive Director

Dale has been Director at Winkler Bible Camp since 2005. Dale and his wife Candace got married in 1988 and have three adult children; Tanisha (married to Don), Ally and Bowen, who have all been a part of this ministry. They recently became grandparents when Tanisha and her husband Don had their daughter Paisley in 2013. Dale and Candace are very passionate about serving at Winkler Bible Camp, and are excited for what God is doing here.

                                                                 You can reach Dale at

Mike Giesbrecht – Ministry Director

Mike_Web_EditMike joined our team on January 4th, 2016! You may recognize him from the years he served as the Chaplain at Boundary Trails Hospital. Mike and his wife Tanya, along with their two children Lewis and Rebecca, currently live in Altona. They plan to move onto site in the Spring.

You can reach Mike at

Katelyn Friesen – Office Administrator

Katelyn, known as “Katie” to most, is from Roseisle, Manitoba. She has worked at Winkler Bible Camp for four years as a summer camp counsellor and activity leader, and started as the receptionist in December, 2013. In her free time she enjoys singing, playing piano, spending time with family and friends, and eating.

You can reach Katie at

Bowen Wiebe – General Director

Bowen, also known as “Bo”, has been involved in camp ministry since before he can remember. He started as the Rentals Manager in September, 2014, and enjoys this new position. Bo enjoys writing music, and wrote the summer camp theme songs for 2013 and 2014. He also enjoys singing and performing on stage.

You can reach Bowen at

Ethan Winder – Site Manager

Ethan started working at camp in spring of 2013 as Spring Staff, and spent a year doing maintenance and hosting groups. He was then one of the Summer Camp Programmers in the summer of 2014, and started as the full-time Program Manager in September, 2014. In his spare time he enjoys reading, hanging with friends, and archery.

You can reach Ethan at

Leora Hamm – Bookkeeper

Leora has been at working at Winkler Bible Camp since 2012. Leora and her husband Terry have three children; Cali, Logan and Reece. In her spare time she enjoys playing piano, singing, and spending time at the curling rinks, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, and if she has to, on the golf cart with her children.

You can reach Leora at


George Unger

George started at Winkler Bible Camp in September, 2015. He was born in Mexico, and moved to Canada in 1969. He and his wife, Martha, have been married for 30 years and have 4 children. In his free time, George enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, and working on various projects (yardwork, building projects) with friends.

You can reach George at

Greg Sawchuk – MAINTENANCE Staff

Greg has served at Winkler Bible Camp in the maintenance department since 2006. His car is named “Silver Fox”, and in his free time he can be found rocking out on his guitar or hanging out with friends. He also enjoys drinking coffee and frapps.


Ryan has been involved with Winkler Bible Camp since 2012, working as a counsellor, activity leader, and now with the maintenance end of things. When he is not at work, he is often on tour with the local band “The Color” as the sound guy. He likes water, the outdoors, and drinking tea. Ryan also plays almost every instrument.


Jordan has worked at Winkler Bible Camp since 2010, with maintenance being his primary job. In 2013, he was the head cook at Teepee Village for all eight weeks of summer camp. Although some people might think he and Ryan Hildebrand are brothers (they might even tell you that they are), don’t let that fool you; they are not even related. Jordan enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and good coffee.

mariah hoeppner- Horsemanship Manager

Mariah HoeppnerMariah is one of the newer faces to camp. She started helping at the horses in the Spring of 2015.

chloe wiebe- Head Host

Chloe Wiebe

Chloe began her camp work in the spring of 2015. She has a passion for horses and God which is why she is accordingly positioned as an assistant wrangler.

Roma Wieler – Food Services Manager

Roma has spent many years at camp filling various roles. She currently works in the kitchen, making sure that there is enough food to keep everyone fed. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, hiking and reading.

You can reach Roma at

Jillian Winder- cook

Jillian WinderJill has worked at camp for many years as a camp counselor in the summer. She is now found in the kitchen as one of our cooks. She recently got married to her husband Ethan in September 2015.

Amber bluhm- cook

Amber Bluhm

Amber has been helping out at camp since 2014. She lives in Morden and can be found in the kitchen part-time between her studies. In her spare time she enjoys playing piano, figure skating and also has an interest in cosmetics.

Colin Penner – Custodial Manager

Colin is originally from British Columbia, and has also lived in Mexico where his parents are missionaries. He attended the Cross Current Discipleship School in 2010/2011, and has been working full-time at Winkler Bible Camp since the spring of 2013. He enjoys drawing and knitting, as well as spending time with family and friends.