I believe that for Winkler Bible Camp, this next five years will give way to many opportunities for the Gospel message to be heard.

Our goal as a camp is not to get bigger! Our goal is to keep doing what we are doing, and do it very well. To some, this campaign may seem a bit excessive, but the reality is that much of what we have planned has to happen in order for us to exist and comply with the standards of the day.

What’s special about this campaign is that we are planning for much more than to just merely exist as a ministry; we are planning for God to show up!

God never calls a believer to only exist in this world; He challenges His followers to call on Him to do great things, and to believe that He will!

Candace and I, the board, and the staff are continually trying to plan with God in the centre of the equation. It is only then that a Christian life becomes exciting!

Dale Wiebe
Executive Director